A Year In My Rearview

December 31,2017

Last year I packed a bag for a life changing tropical vacation...this year I pack my bag for a life saving surgery. 

Last year I checked into a beautiful resort...this year I check into a hospital.

Last year I wore a pretty white dress....this year I wear a blue gown. 

Last year he said in sickness and health.....this year he proves he really meant it.

Last year we dreamed of our future, this year we pray for one.


1/13/17 I married my partner on the twelfth anniversary of meeting him. We flew out 1/10/17 to the Dominican Republic with our closest family and friends. This year we drive to the hospital for my double mastectomy. We won’t be spending our anniversary on a beach, hell who knows how we will spend it. 


Jenuwin, Maggie sent you a hug.
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Hi Jennifer, Thanks for your in-depth posts about your experiences and the accompanying thoughts and emotions. This kind of information is very helpful to others who may be going though a different cancer but have the same thoughts and issues. I am here as a caretaker to my husband who has pancreatic cancer. You are very smart to shelter your daughter from worry but I bet she gives you a lot of comfort just by being herself. BTW, my older sister has beat this same type of cancer and has been NED for 3 years now. Please keep us posted. Did I interpret your posts correctly, you are in the verge of a double mastectomy? And codos to you for having a awesome new husband. XXOO
Yes double mastectomy planned for 1/10/2018. Just a few more days now !!
You sound very strong and that you have a partner to support you . You are very lucky ! Star dust is where we came from , what we are and where we’re going .magic and mystery are there for you now and forever ,
. Resilience. Is lives reward . Jennifer
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Vital Info


January 6, 2018

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Santa Rosa, California 95407

September 27, 1983

Cancer Info

Breast Cancer

Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

December 6

Stage 2

1.1 - 2.0 cm

Grade 3





The unknown. The helplessness. The guilt of knowing my genes could be passed to my daughter.

That I love life but mostly That I love MY life.

Encourage me!

Their time!

Stay active!

Don’t sweat the small stuff!

Lumps on breast. Breast feeling like it was lactating or tingly. Nipple tingles and sometimes feeling like sharp pains through nipple.


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